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Chartering aircraft

Brindabella Airlines offers you the opportunity of chartering your own aircraft.  We have the possibility to put at your disposal charter flights operating at airline standard.

Our fleet of Turbo-prop BAE Jetstream 41, BAE Jetstream 32, and Fairchild Metroliner aircraft offer you all the comfort and safety of a two flight crew operation in a pressurised stand-up cabin, with the BAE Jetstream 41 product complimented by our friendly inflight cabin crew.

Whether you are considering organizing important meetings, inviting international clients or investors to visit your facilities or making the best of a recreational break away, Brindabella Airlines air charter services will be there to answer your aspirations in flying on your schedule and with the comfort you are accustomed to.

Chartering a Brindabella Airlines aircraft will ensure that your specific travel requirements will be addressed in a professional manner.

For further information, or to request a charter quote please contact us on 1300 66 88 24 or visit charter enquiry to submit your request.