Kettlebell Training For Functional Fitness

The kettlebell renegade row is one of the best exercises to challenge your stability and strength. The five repetition maximum makes this exercise a killer workout that requires you to push yourself beyond what’s comfortable, leading to results like no other!

The kettlebell renegade row will tear you apart in just just five or six reps. This is because it makes your body work in a way that few drills can. If your’e looking for a piece of fitness equipment that will challenge the entire body, kettlebells are what you’re looking for.

Single leg kettlebell deadlifts are an excellent accessory exercise to use in conjunction with your swings. They require lower body, pelvis, and core stability when you have a challenging unstable load pattern on one side of the body at any given time.

If you feel a little rusty on your swing, try single leg kettlebell deadlifts for some accessory work. They don’t require the same lower body and core stability as double leg swings but they’ll get your backside burning in no time flat!

People tend to underestimate the importance of stability and strength. How much can you lift if your balance is terrible?

Kettlebells sneakily teach us how to perform a bend movement in another plane other than linear. We have three planes of motion, and we use all three outside of the gym regularly.

Athletes are often shocked at how much their core gets targeted during these exercises. These movements are fantastic for people wanting to increase their weight in deadlifting, pressing and squatting.