Advanced Battle Rope Exercises

Battle ropes are a classic training tool that was used in ancient times to develop grappling skills. They’re still king of all exercise equipment today because they can be done anywhere and don’t require much space, making them perfect for your home gym or office workout room!

Battle rope exercises work out every muscle group in the body while building coordination, balance/ stability skills as well strength & endurance with minimal risk of injury like many other forms physical activity.

The most popular form is probably waves which involves stylized movements performed at a fast pace so you have elevate the heart rate above 80%.

Battle Ropes are a great way to add some variety and challenge into your workout routine. They’re also perfect if you saw them at the gym but don’t know how they work or just want new inspiration!

Battle ropes are a battle-tested workout routine that deliver tough, sweaty labor to your muscles. They were developed by military trainees as part of their training regimen and have been used ever since because they work!


In just ten minutes a day you can get an incredible strengthening exercise for all major muscle groups – even if it’s only half way through the morning or after lunchtime snack time. Battle Rope workouts build confidence too; knowing how much power we truly have inside our bodies when facing conflict head on with no quarter given.

You’ve been looking for some new exercise and workout inspiration, but you don’t know where to start? We have the perfect solution.

Battle ropes offer a unique and effective way to train your entire body. They can be tailored for intense, high-intensity workouts that will get you strong or they could loosening up tight muscles with their vibration patterns – it’s really up to the user!

Battle ropes are a fun, high-intensity workout that will help you get in shape any time of day. You can do battle rope exercises to train your endurance muscles or focus on strength; they’re also perfect for explosive movements like track and field training!

Battle ropes are a great tool for total body workouts. You can tailor them to train your endurance, strength or explosive power in just one session!

A battle rope for exercise is a great way to work on your fitness goals, whether you want more muscle or just burn calories. This equipment can help with everything from building up the core and stabilizing joints through explosive power for jumping drills! Visit for more great exercises.

Battle ropes are a great way to train your body and burn calories. You can use them for building up core strength, increasing explosive power or muscular endurance – they’re perfect in every single one of those aspects!

Training with a battle rope is the best way to lose fat, build up core strength and stability ,and increase explosive power. Crucially for these aspects of fitness- when it comes down what training equipment you need in your arsenal (or gym) there’s no question that this versatile piece OF Equipment will get any job done!

Kettlebell Training For Functional Fitness

The kettlebell renegade row is one of the best exercises to challenge your stability and strength. The five repetition maximum makes this exercise a killer workout that requires you to push yourself beyond what’s comfortable, leading to results like no other!

The kettlebell renegade row will tear you apart in just just five or six reps. This is because it makes your body work in a way that few drills can. If your’e looking for a piece of fitness equipment that will challenge the entire body, kettlebells are what you’re looking for.

Single leg kettlebell deadlifts are an excellent accessory exercise to use in conjunction with your swings. They require lower body, pelvis, and core stability when you have a challenging unstable load pattern on one side of the body at any given time.

If you feel a little rusty on your swing, try single leg kettlebell deadlifts for some accessory work. They don’t require the same lower body and core stability as double leg swings but they’ll get your backside burning in no time flat!

People tend to underestimate the importance of stability and strength. How much can you lift if your balance is terrible?

Kettlebells sneakily teach us how to perform a bend movement in another plane other than linear. We have three planes of motion, and we use all three outside of the gym regularly.

Athletes are often shocked at how much their core gets targeted during these exercises. These movements are fantastic for people wanting to increase their weight in deadlifting, pressing and squatting.

Take Care Of Your Fitness & Health With CrossFit

It is important to stay healthy. No matter how rich one is, if they are not healthy – their money is as good as useless. That’s why the popular saying goes – health is wealth. Our responsibility to ourselves is to make sure that our body is always fit in order for us to obtain every day’s challenge.

Your health reflects everything you do. When you are physically fit, you can be productive especially in decision making. You can also create a positive result in your daily chores or work.  Here are my few tips for you to stay healthy:

Eat Healthy Food
Eating healthy food improves your body functions; it can strengthen your immune system and maintain a healthy weight. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you to avoid from any diseases, moreover, fruits and vegetables can also relieves stress and it can provide the energy that your body required.

In order to sustain a healthy diet, you must follow the good dietary guidelines; you should base your food from USDA Food Pyramid. Everyday our body requires a lot of nutrients. Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamin A, E, K, C, B1, B2, Iron and so much more. Hence, it is brilliant thought to follow the food pyramid to get all the nutrients you need.

Drink Plenty of Water. Our body needs water, drinking enough of water is the best treatment for colds and dry cough. It helps to reload your energy. Water helps rid the body waste and can help relieve constipation. If you have less intake of water, your body fluids will be losing out of balance.

Stay Fit
You can eat the healthiest food in the World, but if don’t train you’ll never be fit. There are many types of training programs; gyms, boot camps, personal trainers, CrossFit and F45 all offer affordable programs that will get you results.

My favourite though is Crossfit, the workouts are fun, intense and the gym really does feel like a family.

I trained at another CrossFit but they didn’t have the same quality instructors that really take care of you.


Why learn the Steel Mace Clean and Press?

There are steel mace training studios in Australia that focus entirely on the macebell. They offer varied steel mace workouts to suit every person. A steel mace certified personal trainer helps you in guiding and enabling individuals to build a healthy lifestyle. The steel mace clean and press is one of the most popular workouts and exercises most of the major muscles of the body. This broadly includes the legs, trapezius, back and shoulder muscles and helps in developing muscle mass chiefly in the shoulders.

The steel mace clean and press exercise is done by making use of a bar gripped overhand. This workout is a step by step process and must be done meticulously. Your personal trainer explains the way the exercise must be done. With hands spread apart according to the width of the shoulder and in a squat position the bar must be held. Putting weight on the legs, the bar needs to be lifted with arms, looking straight up, to the height of the shoulder. The bar then needs to be lifted above the head and thereafter the process reversed.

To find buy your very own steel mace I recommend buying them on Ebay. The 4kg Steel Maces on Ebay are a great place to get started. Make sure you buy a mace that is not too heavy otherwise you’ll have trouble controlling it.

The need for a personal trainer is imperative because a wrong move could result in an injury to the shoulder or back. It becomes necessary for a person over 40 years to approach a doctor first before commencing strenuous workouts. Also, perfecting the form is important before indulging in the exercise else one would invite physical trouble. There are a few tips that a personal trainer provides.

The hips should be moved forward in the same rate the shoulders are driven upwards so as to ensure a clean lift. The bar must be kept close to the body while lifting; this reduces the stress on the spine. The right way to inhale and exhale during workouts is equally important.

Regular breathing with forceful exhalation while lifting and continuous inhalation while lowering the bar is important. The personal trainer monitors the physical fitness of the person who wants to do a clean and press. A personal trainer on an average could charge up to $80 per hour of training.

All in all, muscle building workouts are necessary to make a person strong and big; clean and press promises to do this. The guidance of a personal trainer is important to workout both effectively and safely.

The Best Personal Trainer Courses All Follow This…

A personal trainer is your best and only option if you really want to lose inches; tone your entire body; gain in strength and flaunt that gorgeous physique. This is because a personal trainers routines are based on human physiology and follow the science of proper exercising.

But do all personal trainers follow the same standard and procedure required to make a difference to your health? With no dearth of options, you will have to select carefully if you want to join the right personal trainers on the Sunshine Coast.

Selecting the right fitness program is vitally importance as it is directly linked to your health, happiness, wellbeing and quality of life. How fit you are will determine how well you can enjoy life or take advantages of its opportunities. And when join personal trainers on the Sunshine Coast for the explicit reason of becoming fit and sustaining your health, you must check on five essential parameters.

High Intensity Training
If you want to boost your metabolic rate, shed kilos and increase stamina, you must join fitness personal trainers on the Sunshine Coast that provide interval training. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the process of performing different kind of exercises with varying intensity without any rest period.

So your entire workout session is all about moving seamlessly between more intense and low intense workouts. Interval training has been proven to be more effective for weight loss and strength gain than regular exercises.

Resistance Training
Also referred to as strength training or weight training, resistance training should be an integral part of all good personal trainers on the Sunshine Coast. This type of training is absolutely essential to strengthen your muscles, improve bone density, make your ligaments and tendons more supple and enhance heart and lung functions. In short, resistance training increases the overall stamina of your entire body and also tones all the muscles perfectly. The certificate 3 in fitness shows trainers how to correctly program workouts for maximum results.

Professional Guidance
Any personal trainer on the Sunshine Coast – Queensland worth its name should have a professional trainer to conduct the sessions. An excellent trainer can make your session more enjoyable, beneficial, safe and meaningful.

She will watch over your every move, demonstrate the correct way of performing different exercises, offer tips on diet and nutrition and explain how to remove stress and depression from your daily life. Your personal trainer instructor is really like your friend and guide who will help you to identify and give shape to a fitness routine most suitable for your body type.

Motivating Ambience
One of the biggest reasons behind the soaring popularity of personal trainer courses Sunshine Coast is the continuous motivation and inspiration that you receiver from your trainer and fellow exercisers. Since the trainers are fitness enthusiasts themselves, their confidence and enthusiasm will urge you to push beyond your regular limits.

Also, participants in a personal trainer are usually packed in groups and this togetherness creates a high level of energy and passion that affects everybody involved. You just cannot attend a personal trainer and not participate actively in all the workouts.

Adaptable Program
The personal trainers on the Sunshine Coast you join must have adaptable program to suit your individual body type. You should not really have to pick and choose and carry the risk of injuring yourself. The camp instructor should already have a customized plan for members with different fitness levels. You should be able to join a group with similar goals and requirements.

Benefits of Targeting one Body Part at a Time When Trying to Lose Weight

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if you could focus on a particular part of your body while working out so as to make all the fat disappear and tone it perfectly?

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand for spot reduction of fat, for developing a particular muscle without affecting your entire body or for body transformations. Even then, personal trainers will share some really effective tips and tricks with you so that you can target specific body parts while working out.

Steel Mace Training Is Great For Weight Loss!

How does your Body Burn Fat?

Excessive body weight is primarily due to the accumulation of fat in different areas of your body. For most people, the usual problem areas include waist, lower abdomen, butts, thigh, and bulging arms. How and where fat is accumulated in your body depends on several factors including your age, gender, hormones, and genes. If you want to learn how to lose weight fast, check out Danger Dan.

When your body requires energy (like when you are training hard with a online personal trainers, it uses fat from different areas and converts it into free fatty acids in the liver. But with targeted training, you can remove fat for specific problem areas without spending time on trying to shed the kilos from your entire body.


How does all this Benefit you?

Shedding fat from particular areas of your body through targeted training has several benefits. Through this method, your coach can set up a time-bound fitness goal for you that will be easier to achieve when compared to losing weight from your entire body.

Best Training Shoes For Kettlebell Certification

Choosing the Best Training Shoes For Kettlebell Certification

In earlier days a single pair of workout shoe would suffice for all physical activities such as running, jogging or working out at the gym. With changing times and newer innovations however, buying the perfect training shoe can be an overwhelming experience. There are many different workout shoes in the market and each has its own purpose.

A professional trainer who is kettlebell courses certified should know what type of shoe to wear for which workout so buy your training shoes with care and consideration. Do remember that good quality training shoes would cost you more but will last for years and help create the right impression on clients.

Shoes for Squat Training

The squat is a fundamental workout move which is practiced by itself or incorporated as part of several multi-step exercises. It is common for you to make your clients do squats regularly and you too would be doing them often.

A good pair of squat shoes should have a hard and stiff heel counter to provide maximum support to your heels while doing the squat. The sole too should be non-compressible and hard so that the shoe does not give in while you are pushing up at frenzied speed during the squat reps.

The shoe should have a high top for supporting the ankle and sturdy straps that hold the shoe firmly in place.

Shoes for Wrestling

While wrestling moves may not be part of your kettlebell courses but they are certainly common in workouts performed at the gym such as doing a deadlift. While doing the deadlift, it is best to wear a shoe with a thin bottom so that you know exactly how further you are moving the weight upward without any additional inch being added because of a shoe with very thick bottom.

Such shoes also allow you to really dig your feet into the floor while doing deadlifts and give you almost a ‘barefoot’ feeling.

Shoes for Cross Training

These shoes are versatile and can be worn while performing multiple activities such as aerobics, circuit training, walking or any other workout you learnt at your kettlebell course sessions. If you are serious about improving your performance and infusing more power in your movements than you should definitely have a pair of these shoes in your workout kit.

These shoes come with a raised heel that keeps you upright and helps increase the range of motion in your ankles.

These are stiffer than most other shoes which means they provide more stability and prevents the feet from shifting around while doing different movements.

 training shoes

Shoes for Bare-foot Training

Bare-foot shoes or minimalist shoes have been created to give you a feel of the ground while exercising. These shoes are extremely lightweight and have a low drop in the heel. However, they have adequate cushioning to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your workouts. You can wear them while doing simple, lighter workouts although some wear them during weightlifting to get more upward thrust from the ground.

The sole of minimalist shoes is very flexible thereby allowing the foot to move naturally in multiple directions.

How to Make the Most of Your Kettlebell Class? 

Kettlebell training is a unique concept where you get all the benefits of a killer workout session merged with the soothing effects of nature all around you. It is a completely different environment that has to be experienced by every fitness enthusiast.

However, just joining a Sydney functional training boot camp does not automatically guarantee the expected results. A few tips can help you maximize the time you spend at each session. If you are prepared for what’s in store, you will feel more comfortable and confident while tackling the intense workouts.

kettlbell training

Start Confidently

Beginning with the right attitude is half the battle won. After all, overcoming any difficult challenge needs a steely mind and the right attitude oozing confidence. If you feel you CAN DO from within, no exercise will be an impossible challenge for you. And this is what is most important for success and continuity in a boot camp.  The Sydney kettlebell workouts offered are extremely intense and demanding and you may feel like giving up. But with the right attitude, you can sail through the initial sessions after which you will begin to enjoy kettlebells.

Stay Right in Front

As a confident participant, you should be right there in the front row while working out. This makes you more visible and you feel more accountable. You feel like giving more when you are there in the front and under the direct eyes of your instructor. You are also better positioned to note each movement of your instruction. This way, you imbibe more knowledge and the opportunity to get your form right.

Hydrate yourself Adequately

Hydration plays a crucial part in keeping you fit for exercise. Lack of fluids can affect your blood pressure, make you feel dizzy and weaken you. Understandably, you will be in no position to continue with the rigorous workouts of a boot camp in such condition. So to get the best from your Sydney kettlebell course, always take plenty of fluids. But do take them at least two hours before your session so that you don’t feel bloated.

Be Attentive to your Instructor

Instead of focusing on your aches and pains, try to remain attentive to what your instructor is saying or doing. A little pain and injury is common as kettlebell boot camps are held outdoors on natural surface. As your body gets accustomed, such minor injuries are normal and you should bounce back immediately.  However, your kettlebell instructor will not keep on repeating his instructions or demos. So pay utmost attention to what your instructor is saying to get the most from each session. Also, be regular and do not make excuses for missing sessions.          

Understand your Requirements

There are different types of boot camps and many camps are aimed for people with special needs. So before joining just any kettlebell training boot camp, understand if your own needs match with what’s on offer. Whether you are looking to lose flab post childbirth or regain strength post injury rehab, improve strength and flexibility in old age or want to lose adolescent fat; there is one just right for you.

Signs Your Body is Not Fit 

Sometimes it so happens that you just don’t feel like going through your daily chores or through your regular fitness routine. It’s normal for everybody to feel lazy once in a while but if it happens recurrently, it is surely a cause for concern. If you are training regularly under a personal trainer, it is better to consult him rather than workout with an unfit body. Your trainer can help you understand if you are really not well enough for strenuous work and if you should seek medical help.

Indications that you are Not Fully Fit

Physical fitness is often indicated by your stamina i.e. your capability to perform regular activities without tiring out too easily or too early. It is a measure of your fortitude and endurance. Each person has his or her own level of fitness and there are no specific benchmarks. However, you are your body’s best judge and should be able to understand when your strength is failing or you don’t feel enthused enough to carry on with normal work. Apart from a physician, a personal trainer too can offer you tips and guidance on how to regain your stamina and fitness through a comprehensive combination of exercise, nutritious diet and balanced rest patters.

personal trainers

You Get Tired too Quickly

As mentioned above, each individual is aware of his or her endurance level and general fitness. Tiring out too quickly for performing the same chores that were regular and insignificant before is a definite sign on increasing weakness. You are not fit at all if you take too long to do the same things are feel too exhausted to even get up from bed each morning. Don’t treat this as laziness or mood swings that will pass off. Rather, consult your personal trainer on how you should change your diet and lifestyle in order to regain your former strength and fitness.

You have Little Appetite

A robust appetite is an indication of a robust; healthy physique that is strong and fit. Good appetitive means your body is functioning at its optimum energy level and all your vital life processes are in fine condition. Lack of appetite is often an indication of some other underlying cause such as infections or imbalances inside your body. Similarly, poor digestion also indicates that there is something wrong inside your body. If you don’t feel hungry for a prolonged period of time, do let your personal trainer know immediately as because he will want you to follow a healthy diet at all times.

All you Want is a Place to Lie Down

It is natural for everybody to feel exhausted at some point of the day and crave for a place to rest. In fact, balanced sleep and rest sleep hours are essential for maintenance of good health and fitness. Your body recovers and rejuvenates itself when you rest so that you can resume your activities with renewed vigour. Lack of rest or sleep can wreck havoc on your health which is why your personal trainer will always want to your rest and sleep adequately. However, if you feel sleepy all the time or just don’t feel motivated enough to leave bed, it is an indication of lack of fitness.