Signs Your Body is Not Fit 

Sometimes it so happens that you just don’t feel like going through your daily chores or through your regular fitness routine. It’s normal for everybody to feel lazy once in a while but if it happens recurrently, it is surely a cause for concern. If you are training regularly under a personal trainer, it is better to consult him rather than workout with an unfit body. Your trainer can help you understand if you are really not well enough for strenuous work and if you should seek medical help.

Indications that you are Not Fully Fit

Physical fitness is often indicated by your stamina i.e. your capability to perform regular activities without tiring out too easily or too early. It is a measure of your fortitude and endurance. Each person has his or her own level of fitness and there are no specific benchmarks. However, you are your body’s best judge and should be able to understand when your strength is failing or you don’t feel enthused enough to carry on with normal work. Apart from a physician, a personal trainer too can offer you tips and guidance on how to regain your stamina and fitness through a comprehensive combination of exercise, nutritious diet and balanced rest patters.

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You Get Tired too Quickly

As mentioned above, each individual is aware of his or her endurance level and general fitness. Tiring out too quickly for performing the same chores that were regular and insignificant before is a definite sign on increasing weakness. You are not fit at all if you take too long to do the same things are feel too exhausted to even get up from bed each morning. Don’t treat this as laziness or mood swings that will pass off. Rather, consult your personal trainer on how you should change your diet and lifestyle in order to regain your former strength and fitness.

You have Little Appetite

A robust appetite is an indication of a robust; healthy physique that is strong and fit. Good appetitive means your body is functioning at its optimum energy level and all your vital life processes are in fine condition. Lack of appetite is often an indication of some other underlying cause such as infections or imbalances inside your body. Similarly, poor digestion also indicates that there is something wrong inside your body. If you don’t feel hungry for a prolonged period of time, do let your personal trainer know immediately as because he will want you to follow a healthy diet at all times.

All you Want is a Place to Lie Down

It is natural for everybody to feel exhausted at some point of the day and crave for a place to rest. In fact, balanced sleep and rest sleep hours are essential for maintenance of good health and fitness. Your body recovers and rejuvenates itself when you rest so that you can resume your activities with renewed vigour. Lack of rest or sleep can wreck havoc on your health which is why your personal trainer will always want to your rest and sleep adequately. However, if you feel sleepy all the time or just don’t feel motivated enough to leave bed, it is an indication of lack of fitness.